Graphic Design - Admission Requirements

Graphic Communications Program Admission

Applicants Meeting The Admission Requirements Will Be Accepted!

Launch Your Graphic Design or Web Design CareerStudents must meet one of three Basic Skill Competencies Requirements in order to be accepted into the Graphic Communications program.

  1. Standardized Testing:
    Students must meet or exceed the minimum scores listed for the math, reading, and writing competencies in one of the following standardized tests.

Note: The three competencies do not have to be met from the same standardize test.

14 – Math 24 – Pre-Algebra 38 – Numerical 40 – Arithmetic
16 – Reading 69 – Reading 34 – Reading 62 – Reading
16 – English 41 – Writing 35 – Writing 77 – Sentence Skills
  1. College Success Courses:
    Students must complete all three of the following college success courses with a “C” grade or higher at Hawkeye Community College or comparable courses at another accredited college:

    • ENG060 – College Preparatory Writing I
    •  RDG039 – College Preparatory Reading II
    • MAT045 – Fundamentals of Math
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  2. Combination of Options 1 & 2:
    Students could fulfill the math, reading, and writing competencies by meeting or exceeding the requirements from a standardized test(s) and by completing a college success course(s).

Admissions Process

  1. Apply for admission.

Note: Applicants meeting the program’s admission requirements will be accepted.